Philip Landau

Landau Law is quoted in the Metro Newspaper today

Landau Law was quoted in the Metro newspaper today on the employment law issues surrounding employers forcing their staff  to go back to the office after “freedom day” on 19th July. Here are the quotes: Philip Landau, employment lawyer at Landau Law explained to ‘If you consider you have been unfairly treated, dismissed or you choose […]

Philip Landau on GB News

Philip Landau appeared on flagship TV news channel GB News this morning, about the employment law position about working from home. This follows a story reported in the media today, about the Government requesting civil servants to return to work for a minimum of 8 days a month from September 2021.  

We are on GB News

Philip Landau has appeared live on GB News, the brand new TV news station, talking to Michelle Dewberry about the government proposal to make vaccinations mandatory for care home workers and NHS staff.    

Philip Landau LBC News Radio about NHS vaccinations

Philip Landau was speaking to Andrew Castle this morning on LBC News Radio about the government plans to make it mandatory for NHS workers to have the Covid vaccination. The discussion included whether government should do this, and what the employees rights were as a result. Please click here for the full story in The […]

Landau Law are quoted by CNN on the landmark Uber case

Philip Landau of Landau Law was quoted on the CNN website today following the landmark decision by the Supreme Court today ruling that Uber drivers are “workers”, and entitled to holiday pay, rest breaks and the national minimum wage. Please click here to read our quotes for CNN under the heading in the article  “A […]