We offer a range of flexible costs options, including no win- no fee, wherever you are in the UK

Cost options

We will consider a number of different costs options:

  • Agreed fee. This will be an agreed (fixed) fee which will not be varied upwards or downwards- whatever the outcome of the case;

We always do our best to be as accommodating as possible, including accepting payment by instalments. This could be an ideal solution for you, especially if it enables time for a negotiated settlement to be made with your employer- which in turn can fund the balance of instalments.  Further costs information about unfair/wrongful dismissal cases can be found below.

Costs guarantee

Where you are being offered a settlement agreement and your employer is contributing to your legal costs, we guarantee that you will not be charged more than what your employer is prepared to contribute towards those costs for reviewing and advising you on the agreement. A typical contribution by your employer would be between £250 and £500 plus VAT.

Free initial advice

We are happy to give you a free initial assessment of your case*, and discuss full costs options. Please contact us on 020 7100 5256 and ask to speak to Philip Landau or any member of the employment team, or email us.

*Please click the link to see full details.

Costs in more detail for unfair dismissal cases

As we are a boutique law firm specialising in one niche area, we are highly competitive on costs.

For routine unfair dismissal claims, we will do our best to offer you a no win- no fee option if this is your preference. This means if we successfully negotiate a settlement for you, or win your case at tribunal, the fees will typically be 25% plus VAT of any sum we recover for you. You would pay us at the end of the case, when the settlement monies have been received by you.

We will in any event offer you the option of an agreed fee rate, as mentioned above. This means the rate cannot be varied up or down (whatever the outcome of the case) and is therefore fixed in nature. Along with the option of a possible no win-no fee funding, our clients usually find these alternatives highly attractive when compared to the “open ended cheque book territory” of hourly rates. In our experience, clients much prefer certainty when it comes to funding their case, rather than the shock of a constant stream of interim bills which they have not budgeted for.

Depending on the complexity of the case, an agreed fee rate would on average range between £850 and £2,750 plus VAT to deal with all the steps right up to, but not including issuing tribunal proceedings. This is the time period when most cases are likely to settle, and it includes fully reviewing your case, including all relevant documentation, advising you and conducting all negotiations with your employer.

If tribunal proceedings are necessary, then we would need to review the funding for this at the time. We would either carry on with the no win- no fee funding, or enter into an agreed (or further agreed) rate to cover the periods of the process leading up to and including the tribunal hearing. Those fees are on average between £850- £1,250 to prepare and issue the proceedings at the tribunal, and between £2,500- £4,000 plus VAT to take it right up to the tribunal hearing. It may also be necessary to instruct a barrister for the hearing who can charge on average £2,500 plus VAT for a 1 day hearing in tribunal (including all preparation).

Wrongful dismissal

Wrongful dismissal claims are very rare. The maximum amount that can be awarded at tribunal is £25,000 and this usually involves a claim of breach of contract  for non payment of notice. If the sum claimed is higher than this, the claim would need to be brought in the civil courts, rather than employment tribunal and we would not deal with this. We are not including our fees for wrongful dismissal on this page, because it is simply not something we usually are asked to act on, and so there are no averages or specifics that we can provide.


Many cases are capable of being settled within a few weeks or even days from when we are first instructed, and so the fees can often be contained. Of course it can take longer than this and in some cases where we are entering into negotiations, this can go on  for months. This is something which is not in our control as it will largely be governed by how quickly your employer responds to communications. Even where negotiations do drag on, we still have significant settlements achieved. Perseverance definitely pays off.

Qualifications and experience

Any of our lawyers who will work on your case are qualified solicitors and have significant experience in employment law- after all, this is the only work that we do.

In some cases, our paralegals will liaise with you in relation to the mechanics of your case and will provide a support role, however only qualified solicitors will be advising you and dealing with the day to day interaction with your employers and/or their solicitors.

We are happy at any time to clarify our costs any of the above, together with other employment law claims.


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