Philip Landau

Zero hour contracts – exclusivity clauses are to be banned

Today’s announcement by Vince Cable that he is planning to introduce legislation banning exclusivity clauses in zero hour contracts is likely to be welcome by employees, who will now have the freedom to find work with more than one employer. Exclusivity clauses prevent an employee from working for another employer, even when no work is guaranteed. This clearly […]

New rules now mean you can’t issue a tribunal claim without engaging in the ACAS “Early Conciliation” scheme first. How does it work?

What is ACAS? The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) is an independent, impartial organisation mandated to liaise with both parties to an employment tribunal claim with regard to possible settlement. Acas is notified when a person makes a claim and will contact the parties to find out if they wish to take part in […]