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Philip Landau on LBC News Radio commenting on Linkedin

Philip Landau appeared on Nick Ferrarai’s breakfast show this morning talking about the employment law aspects to Ms Charlotte Proudman’s sexist claim against a solicitor following his alleged inappropriate comments on LinkedIn. Please click here to access the full story.

Philip Landau on LBC News Radio- new ruling on working hours

Philip Landau was speaking to presenter Clive Bull on LBC News Radio this evening in relation to a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice that travel time made by mobile workers (such as sales reps, care workers and tradesman’s) to and from home (on first and last appointments) must count as “working time”. The […]

Philip Landau on LBC News Radio about staff ban on smoking

Philip Landau was on LBC News Radio this morning, talking with presenter Nick Ferrarai about Nottinghamshire County Council’s proposed policy to ban smoking not just in workplace breaks, but also outside (even on your way to work) if you are wearing a staff uniform. Click here to see the full story.

Equality and Discrimination- Acas issues new guidelines of best practise

Acas has today issued new guidelines of how employers and employees should deal with equality and discrimination issues in the workplace. Like other Acas guidelines, they should be generally be followed, otherwise either party could find their case penalised at an employment tribunal. The new Acas guidelines can be found by clicking here.

Our blog: the dangers of mixing work with social media.

In light of the gaffe from the BBC journalist this week tweeting about the death of the Queen, employment law solicitor Philip Landau examines how the use of social media in relation to work issues can land you in hot water. Please click here to access the full blog.

Landau Law launches redundancy calculator

We are pleased to have launched today our bespoke redundancy calculator, which will help you work out what your statutory and enhanced entitlement to redundancy pay amounts to. Please click here to access the redundancy calculator.