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Philip Landau on LBC talking about drugs testing at work

Philip Landau was talking to Tom Swarbick today on LBC News Radio about drugs testing in the workplace, following Lufthansa’s suggestion to mandatory test all of their pilots.   Please see Philip Landau’s Guardian post  on this related subject of whether there should be mandatory drugs testing at work.  

Can your employer watch you? See Philip Landau’s blog in The Guardian.

Have you ever felt that your employer is watching you? In the US, it seems some employers have taken monitoring of their employees to a new level. A US sales executive is suing her employer for invasion of privacy, alleging she was fired after deleting a mobile phone app which tracked her movements – both inside and outside of work. Could […]

Key changes to employment legislation in April 2015

Employment law is a constantly changing area and, accordingly, it is no surprise that we can expect to see a whole raft of changes in 2015.  Holly Rushton considers a  selection of the key changes to take place in April 2015. Shared Parental Leave The new system of shared parental leave will enable parents who have a […]

Philip Landau on BBC Radio London talking about the 3 sacked judges watching pornography on the judicial IT systems

Philip Landau was on the Vanessa Feltz show this morning, talking about the 3 judges who were watching pornography on the judicial IT systems, and were sacked for gross misconduct. Read the news story here. Click here to read Philip Landau’s blog in the Guardian about your rights if you misuse your employers IT systems […]

ACAS issues good practice guide for Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave are new regulations which apply where the baby is due to be born on or after 5th April 2015. Click here for the ACAS good practice guide on how this is expected to operate between employers and employees. Click here for our blog on Shared Parental Leave. Click here for the Working […]

Philip Landau to speak at Westminster Employment Forum

Philip Landau will speak at the Westminster Employment Forum on 7th July 2015 at a conference on Rethinking working practices and spaces – next steps for work environment design, flexible working and remote access. Please click here to access the link to the conference and agenda.